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“Try the jiggy!”

- – Scott Griepentrog. 3/17/2012

“My experience was great! I have tried HCG with another company but (although I received the weight loss desired) the customer service was extremely lacking and I felt like a “number” and not a client. Kathryn and her staff are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. I would recommend Supervision Weight Loss to my friends.”

- – Lynn Louis. 8/8/2016

“No counting points. No counting calories. But the best part of all of it was the very personal attention I got from everyone on staff at SuperVision Weight Loss. Kathryn and her team were always ready to answer any question I had and to help me make the most out of my weight loss journey. I owe the success of my program to them. Without them it would have been just another failed attempt at weight loss for me. I was thrilled the day I came in for my pictures and measurements. If you’re tired of trying a bunch of things that don’t work, this is where you should start. I hope to continue to make Kathryn proud!”

- – Holly K. 8/18/2017

“Loved the amount of personal attention that I got from Kathryn and her staff at SuperVision Weight Loss. If you’re looking for a program that truly works, this is the place to go. They were very professional. I never had to wait. They always called to check on me if they hadn’t heard from me. I knew they were as invested in my success as I was. That meant the world.”

- – Holly Kile. 8/18/2017

“This is probably the fabulous place to getting the best permanent weight loss program!! Amazing & credible services!! To get more information, you can visit website supervisionweightloss.com.”

- – Lyman Taylor. 4/14/2018

“Great staff and very supportive!”

- – Kristi Ray. 4/21/2018

“Superb service, competent staff and amazing place which ones can feel safe and get the best cure for your health!! For Safe Fast Weight Loss Programs needs also check out Super Vision Weight Loss!!”

- – David Garcia. 5/2/2018

“I love this place. My 1st round I lost 29.87 inches and 28.6 lbs. I could’ve lost more but after losing 10 lbs I started listening to friends giving me advice to increase my weight loss, which lead to my weight stalling. After Kathryn got me back on track, I started losing weight again. LISTEN PEOPLE, THIS PROGRAM WORKS!!! I couldn’t have done it without Kathryn’s help (she’s the real deal, open and honest). My questions were always answered with care and understanding. I can’t wait to start round 2. If you are a yo yo dieter like I used to be, please take advantage of the Supervision Weight loss Program. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. GOOD LUCK. I will post an update once I’ve started and completed round 2.”

- – Sel Dunbar. 5/17/2018

“Super Vision Weight Loss staff has been super supportive and always available for questions and very accommodating. One Saturday I called to cancel because I was running late and wouldn’t make it before they closed and she said no problem come on anyway. She stayed late on a Saturday so that I could use the “Jiggy” machine! And I remember the 1st time on the machine, she held me the entire time because I thought I was going to fall! I love the staff who not only called and checked on me but was very enthusiastic about my weight loss too! But they were also very encouraging and provided great advice on the days I stalled. It was like having my own personal cheerleaders every time I came in the office. Going through menopause and a 1000 diets I didn’t think reaching my goal was possible. So I thought Super Vision Weight Loss – why not, I’ve tried everything else. To my surprise I DID IT!!!! It was hard work and a lot of discipline but IT WORKS!!!! – Rose”

- – Rosemary Miles. 5/22/2018

“I am elated to have finally found a diet plan as effective as Super Vision’s HCG protocol. Even though I have only seen short-lived success with other programs, I am continually encouraged by the results of HCG — results I can both see and feel. The added support of the staff helped me obtain confidence I never would have thought possible. I would absolutely recommend Super Vision to anyone as disenchanted with weight loss as I was.”

- – Rebecca Beineke. 5/22/2018

“I was able to loss 56 pounds on the Supervision Weight loss program. What I like best about the program was that I was able to loose weight quickly and did not feel like I was starving myself. The staff was great to work with and the follow up and encouragement was really wonderful.”

- – Mark Burg. 5/22/2018

“I have lost 20 pounds in the last 2 weeks! This is my second round through the program and couldn’t be happier. My first round, I lost approximately 30 pounds. This time, I plan to crush those results. And all 50 pounds have been lost in the last 3 months, including a 6 week maintenance phase (where you stop the medicine and allow weight loss to stabilize) in between the rounds. Kathryn and team have been supportive, energetic and knowledgeable. If you want to lose weight quickly, then this is the place to get you on track!”

- – D Gibbs. 5/22/2018

“The staff at Supervision Weight Loss have been fantastic to work alongside. They offered support through the entire journey and answered every question I had. I feel great now that I have reached my goal weight!”

- – Adam Andres. 5/22/2018

“Supervision weight loss is AMAZING!! Kathy and Katherine were incredible. I tired the HCG diet for 40 days and have lost 19.6 lbs and over 43.7 inches I look and feel AMAZING I’m back in clothes that I thought I had to give away. At times it was challenging however, if you’re determined and focused to get the stubborn fat off AND looking for a LIFE CHANGER that’s guaranteed I TRULY RECOMMEND YOU TRY the HCG DIET!”

- – Maritha Spates. 5/22/2018

“I went through a pretty traumatic experience about 13 years ago and quickly put on over 100 pounds. As if the trauma wasn’t bad enough, add an extra 100+ pounds!! I tried every diet around and nothing worked. I had trouble exercising due to some back issues and fibromyalgia. I was able to lose about 20 pounds on my own but it took several years. I was tired all the time and miserable… UNTIL I found SuperVision Weight Loss. Kathryn and Kathleen were super supportive and I have lost about 42 pounds in 4 months. I have gained a good portion of my self-confidence back and feel good about the progress I have made. People at work have noticed the dramatic change and people that I haven’t seen in a year can’t believe the difference. I have about 40 pounds to go and feel confident that I will accomplish that in the next few months. Love, love, LOVE this program!!”

- – Ina Kelly. 5/22/2018

“I was significantly overweight. My doctor was concerned that my weight would cause certain health problems as I aged. SUPER VISION WEIGHT LOSS helped me lose 70 pounds over the course of six months! I found the program during the first 40 days to be easy and safe. I learned to eat much healthier and that was something my wife and I wanted to do for years. I followed the suggested meals, measuring the protein consistently. I had an apple as a snack in the afternoon and evening as well as learned to drink water. The maintenance period offered the opportunity to get reintroduced to some of the other foods that I liked, but in moderation. I have been able to maintain my weight since stopping with the drops. One highlight is that I have not had a Coke or Pepsi in over 19 months! Kathryn and her team are very supportive and helpful. The SUPER VISION WEIGHT LOSS regime works, is safe, and you will love the results!”

- – steve melling. 5/22/2018

“I have had and am still having an excellent experience at Supervision Weight Loss. I researched and called several clinics before I decided on this one. I had a very personable conversation via phone with the owner, Kathryn. Within minutes, I knew that this was the place that I wanted to learn even more about and pretty much knew that I wanted to make an in person visit in the near future. Well, that “near future” visit ended up to be that same day. Everything about the HCG program was clearly explained to me. No question is ever considered a dumb question and asking questions throughout program is very much encouraged by all staff members, especially since the staff members have personal weight loss experiences with HCG protocol. Besides offering just the HCG program itself, there is also other services and products offered at the clinic to help you with your journey (spices, dressings, personal care products, cookbooks,sauna for detoxing and so much more). You are not left to fend for yourself. The staff will check in with you weekly to see how you either via phone or email. If you need more contact, it certainly is not a problem. They are with you every step of the way and will celebrate your success with you throughout. I signed up for 2 rounds. On my first round, I lost over 20pounds and 26 inches in just 6 weeks. I am now in the maintenance stage of my first round and so far so good. I’m keeping the weight off. I am excitedly and anxiously waiting to start my 2nd round. Sexy Summer here I come! As Kathryn asked me on the very first day that I spoke with her, “What’s stopping you from starting TODAY?””

- – Catina Mozee. 5/22/2018

“This SuperVision HCG weight loss diet has been easy to follow. More importantly, I have been feeling much better and healthier. Also, the weight loss material and support has really been helpful. I am so thankful for this weight loss program.”

- – Denise Glenn. 5/22/2018

“I have really enjoyed getting to know Kathryn at Supervision Weight Loss. Her knowledge of the products and how these products affect your body and well being has totally inspired me to be a happier, smaller and healthier ME!! After the first 40 days, I already feel like a new person inside and out. I am excited to start my maintenance and the next phase of this journey. Look at me now!! First 40 days= 24.2 lbs and 30.62 inches”

- – Roxanna West. 5/22/2018

“Right from day one I was provided with the support and care I needed. They always made me feel they were with me throughout my journey. They wanted my success just like I did if not more and were my cheerleaders when I felt discouraged. Definitely recommend!”

- – Channing O. 5/31/2018

“I came to Super Vision Weight Loss with my wife. I decided to do it with her in support of her weight loss goals and I became a fan very quickly my self. The staff was so supportive and attentive and when I faced some challenges early on with the diet they encouraged and challenged me to push past my frustrations. I did not have a number in mind but I ended up losing 32 lbs and everyone says I look like a new person. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to not just lose weight but a lifestyle changes!”

- – Joseph Eldridge. 7/18/2018

“I am very excited about my new eating habits. All the food tastes better and better every day. I could not do this without the push that the Super Vision Weight Loss girls give me. I’m ready for round three. The knowledge SVWL gives me helps me to better understand what my body needs and doesn’t need! I love the new me and the healthy life I’m living NOW!!”

- – RKW. 7/20/2018

“This program has just the right balance between attention, positive results, and requirements of adherence that keep you on track without being overwhelming. Additionally, its for a set period of time, as opposed to a fixed quantity of weight. The incentive to continue is THERE , but with a fixed end in sight. I got great results!!”

- – Katherine P. 7/21/2018

“The Supervision team are the most patient and compassionate group! They are always encouraging and inspiring me to stay motivated to continue and finish the weight loss program. With the help, it was so easy . They are always available to help, all you have to do is call, or stop in. They greet you with a smile!”

- – Jennifer G. 8/15/2018

“The Super Vision Weight Loss Team is the most patient and compassionate group. They were always encouraging and inspiring me to stay motivated to continue this weight loss program. With their help and easy to follow instructions, this was the fastest I’ve ever lost weight in such a short period of time without ever feeling hungry or tired. They are always available for any support you may need, all you have to do is call or stop in, they greet you with a smile. J. McGuire”

- – Jennifer M. 8/21/2018

“I have tried losing “baby” weight for 13 years. When I couldn’t call it “baby” weight any longer, I knew I needed help I researched HCG online and called Supervision Weight Loss. I knew Dr. Simeons protocol was well researched and decided it would keep me honest by having help. Kathryn was in my corner and kept me accountable. They emailed & called to ask how I was doing and assisted me when I stalled halfway through the program. My goal was to feel comfortable in my clothes and gain body confidence. Goal accomplished!”

- – Gretta. 8/22/2018

“I have lost 20 pounds and I feel great! I did accomplish my goal. Great Program!”

- – Juan M. 8/24/2018

“Supervision Weight loss helped me lose more than 20lbs when I thought I would be stuck forever. They check-in with you via email to make sure you’re tracking and answer any questions you have along the way. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help making this kind of change in their life. Become a happier and healthier ‘you’ by trusting them!”

- – Blake Kadee. 9/14/2018

“I have been a yoyo dieter for as long as I can remember. I am 5′ 6″ and in college I weighted 125 lbs. A guy I was with at the time told me I was 5 lbs from perfection. I could never lose that 5 pounds and it played me until I reasoned that if I can’t be perfect, why try? When I came in I was looking for a way to lose weight and keep it off. My husband and I are going to Hawaii in February and he lost 73 lbs just eating salad and chicken. I wanted to look good and I can’t just eat salad and chicken. The HCG protocol allowed me to eat less and not be hungry. Journaling my food intake and daily weighing kept me accountable. Weekly check-ins motivated me to keep going. The fast results also motivated me. It is awesome when your clothes are looser. This diet is not difficult. I can do anything for 40 days, and the positive reinforcement mad e it even easier!”

- – Lisa M. 9/19/2018

“Supervision Weight Loss helped me lose more than 20 lbs. when I thought I’d be stuck with it forever. They check in with you via email to make sure you’re succeeding and answer questions along the way. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help making this kind of change in their life. Become a happier and healthier “you” by trusting them!!”

- – Kate A. 9/22/2018

“I really appreciate all the help and motivation I received from this clinic that helped me to take hold of my health. I have tried other diets, but this is the only one I feel like I can maintain. Knowing that I remain accountable by coming in weekly or weekly emails helped me to stay focused. Also, seeing the weight fall off in the first few days is great motivation. I highly recommend this clinic to all that are overweight or obese. Thanks!”

- – Hannah A. 10/12/2018

“I walked through the door sad, depressed and oh so unhappy with my body. I literally tried EVERYTHING! The first thing I said was “Can you see me thin?” The lovely ladies there said “YES!” Although I was not very confidant, I gave HCG a try. I am not where I want to be yet, but Boy am I happier. The best feeling is getting on the scales each day and seeing the numbers go lower and lower. I am super excited and can’t wait to wait to continue my new HCG life.”

- – “Can you see me thin?” 10/17/2018

“At Supervision Weight Loss, I have lost 17 lbs in 40 days! Kathryn has been very helpful with all my questions about the program and helped me to correct my mistakes fast!!”

- – Karina H. 10/17/2018

“With Supervision Weight Loss, I lost more weight than I planned to! This has been a great experience and I highly recommend this to others. Losing more weight than I expected to , I was able to stop a week and 2 days early. Thank you!!”

- – Pam S. 10/20/2018

“Life changing! Amazing results while following an easy to adjust to way of eating. No more cravings and able to pass on unhealthy food without a second glance. If you are committed to getting healthy and losing weight, this lifestyle change will yield the results you are looking for.”

- – Amanda D. 11/8/2018

“I was leary to try this diet because I love breakfast in the morning and enjoy social eating. Also, I felt that 500 calories was beyond the pale for calories in a day. Once I researched and was confident that I could fully commit, I will say the first tow weeks was challenging. It wasn’t that I was hungry. I had to convince my brain that I didn’t need to constantly eat . After completing my 6 weeks, I can honestly say, it was simple to do and I highly recommend it. The staff was great and very supportive. While I was on the program, I felt complettely relaxed and normal. I wasn’t jittery or tense or worried. I just felt normal and at peace. DO THIS!!!”

- – Sherry A. 11/8/2018

“I really appreciate all the help and motivation I received from this clinic that helped me to take hold of my health. I have tried other diets, but this is the only one I feel like I can maintain. Knowing that, I remain accountable by coming in and emailing twice weekly. Also, seeing the weight fall off is very motivating!! I highly recommend this clinic to all that are overweight or obese. Thanks, H”

- – Hannah. 12/19/2018

“Supervision Weight Loss was great at helping me through round one of the diet. They called and emailed to see how I was doing and answer any questions or concerns I had. Between those calls and emails and check-in visits, I felt supported and confident that I could make it through the more difficult days. AND I DID IT!!! I lost 21.6 lbs. On to Maintenance, Martha”

- – Martha. 12/19/2018

“This Supervision HCG diet has been easy to follow. More importantly, I have been feeling much better and healthier. Also, the weight loss materials and support has really been helpful. I am so grateful for this weight loss program.”

- – Ruth B. 12/19/2018

“The experience has been outstanding!! I haven’t been through anything else that compares to the efficiency and stability of this program. The staff is there for you through the whole program, and that’s so important, especially for the first 40 days. If you want to lose weight, go to Supervision Weight Loss and let Kathryn and Kathleen help you, too.”

- – B. Simmons. 1/5/2019

“The ladies at Supervision Weight Loss are awesome! The diet WORKS! If you follow the protocol, you will see results. The this program has changed my life, looks, and health in an extremely positive manner. Join now & see the results for yourself!”

- – A. Abbas. 1/5/2019

“Supervision Weight Loss is wonderful; the staff are very helpful. They can be tough, but in a loving way. I am very glad that I decided to let them help me through this. Parts of this were hard for me, but they would not let me give up. I am 100% satisfied.”

- – Bobbie. 1/5/2019

“I met my goal weight during the first phase. I always felt that I had support from Kathryn and Kathleen and I felt encouraged by the twice weekly emails. This is the most successful program I’ve ever done. I wasn’t hungry, so it was easy.”

- – M. Crown. 1/17/2019

“The system and education that “Super Vision Weight Loss” utilizes helped me to achieve my weight loss goal. However, unlike other weight loss systems, Super Vision Weight Loss educates you about how to maintain your weight loss and ultimately how to have a healthy eating lifestyle that can be sustained. Owner, Kathryn Azhar was fantastic at educating and leading my wife and I through the process. I recommend you give it a try. What do you have to lose? ………weight!!”

- – Mik. 2/9/2019

“I came to Supervision Weight Loss in October 2018. I weighed 198 starting out and completed my second round at 162. I am very happy with my results and I highly recommend anyone come here if they are wanting help with losing weight.”

- – L. Robinson. 2/9/2019

“I was satisfied with the service I received at SuperVision Weight Loss. The videos explained the diet well, the staff was helpful and did follow up phone calls. I was also encouraged to call with questions or to come in at any time.”

- – S. Burton. 2/16/2019

“Deciding to do the HCG protocol at Supervision Weight Loss was absolutely the best choice I have made. The process from day one has been very clear, informative, and supportive. All of my questions were answered in a timely manner, and the team checked in as needed. I had great success during the first round of the protocol and look forward to maintenance and a second round. Anything we put our minds to can be achieved in 40 days, and I am glad I chose these last 40 days to be a part of my journey of getting back to healthier me. Supervision Weight Loss was the perfect catalyst to get me on my way.”

- – J. Roberts. 2/20/2019

“Supervision Weight Loss made my first round of HCG very enjoyable and exciting. Everytime I entered the office for a weigh in or to purchase a product the staff is very friendly. Super excited to start my maintenance phase and would recommend any friend or family member to Supervision Weight Loss”

- – Jennifer. 3/9/2019

“Supervision Weight Loss provided information, tools, and motivation to attempt a weight loss program that I could not have done on my own. The staff is knowledgeable and encouraging. I would recommend the program without reservation.”

- – Andrea Leon. 3/21/2019

“Supervision’s staff were very upfront and supportive of my journey. They were always there for me, even when I called about an unscheduled lunch and I did not know what to do. No questions went unanswered. I am glad I came. I was able to lose 20 pounds and 25 inches. I will never go back die to their assistance”

- – Veronica Atibil. 4/17/2019

“The Supervision Weight Loss team was outstanding! I never felt uncomfortable during my first round of the protocol. Any questions were answered truthfully and clearly. I would highly recommend working with Supervision Weight Loss to achieve your goals. I am looking forward to continuing my journey here.”

- – Stephanie H. 5/9/2019

“Great Experience!! The staff is really knowledgeable and wants to help! They approach the whole experience in a realistic manner and are there every step of the way for questions or help without feeling like they are holding your hand. Definitely works and is worth the effort.”

- – Matty Jo D. 5/10/2019

“I have successfully completed my first round with great results and several inches. Satisfied customer!!”

- – Tina H. 5/10/2019

“I lost 30 lbs in 40 days – I’m really excited; I feel great!! Staff, especially Kathryn, are just the best. If you need to lose weight, this is the place.”

- – Luis T. 5/10/2019

“The diet was a lot easier than I though it would be. I still had my cravings for sweets, but the drug (HCG) truly took away my hunger pains. I felt successful after losing 34 pounds in 28 days. L felt the staff and support were very attentive and answered all my questions. Going to do maintenance and will return for another round.”

- – David L. 8/10/2019

“Supervision Weight Loss provided information, tools, and motivation to attempt a weight loss program that I could not have done on my own. The staff is knowledgeable and encouraging. I would recommend the program without reservation.”

- – Andrea D. 7/12/2019

“The staff at Supervision Weight Loss have been extremely helpful throughout my entire journey on the HCG Program. They have been there to answer all questions both during my highs and lows (struggles) while on the VLCD (very low calorie diet) and after.I have been extremely pleased with my results both in weight loss and inches lost. I truly am thankful to the staff, especially Kathryn, with her encouraging words and knowledge of the program that helped me in my journey for 40 days plus six weeks of maintenance. I highly recommend their services and the program for everyone that struggles to lose weight and or just wants to begin a healthier lifestyle of eating and taking care of you. They truly take the time to be there for you.”

- – Diane D. 7/12/2019

“The HCG diet protocol works. While I thought the 40 day commitment would be tough, it really was much easier than I anticipated. Once the weight loss started, the satisfaction of eating healthy and feeling better was a motivation. the support provided by the staff was also a motivator. They are here to answer questions and concerns the entire way. Overall, this has been a positive experience and I look forward to feeling better”

- – Tammy P. 5/10/2019