Why We’re Different

At SUPERVISION WEIGHT LOSS you will not be treated like a “login and password,” or a “number.” You won’t need to chase us down; we will stay in touch with you! We will call you twice per week, or email if you prefer, so that we can know you well, know exactly what you are dealing with, and help you best succeed in YOUR weight loss journey.

We know that proper support through your entire program is the key to your success. We are here to help you make decisions about how to handle social situations, traveling issues, family meals, and anything else that may threaten your success. We not only know the program, we’ve done it ourselves, so we know exactly what obstacles you can encounter and will share with you the tools you need to overcome them! We want
you to have the very best result possible for your unique circumstances, and that means solving YOUR dilemmas.


  • Personalized planning tools designed specifically to help YOU be successful
  • Expert and caring staff to support you through your entire journey (and beyond!)
  • High quality HCG in both professional strength and prescription formulas
  • HCG diet friendly skin care and food products
  • The original HCG protocol system as created by Dr. Simeon after 20 years of research
  • We work with you as an individual.

YOUR weight loss journey begins at SUPERVISION WEIGHT LOSS!
Take us up on our commitment to YOU!
We have SUPER Vision, we can see you THIN!
Call for your free consultation today!
317.849.THIN (8446)

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