All Inclusive Weight Loss Packages

In our initial free consultation, we will determine if you are healthy enough to do the hcg diet, what your weight loss goals and challenges are, and explain the basics of how the diet works, what you will need to do and NOT do to be successful.  The diet is 40 days of weight loss followed by 6 weeks of maintenance.  Those who follow the program will lose between 20 and 30 pounds in 40 days without exercise, hunger, irritability, muscle injury or weakness.

Significant savings are available for multiple round packages.  In each round we include before and after pictures and measurements, complete instructions by video and booklet, twice weekly contact by phone /email, use of the vibration machines for skin tightening, and a free infrared sauna. We are available by phone or email for any additional questions you may have or to help you manage specific needs while on the program.

We follow the original hcg diet perfected by Dr. Simeons for the most effective results.

We offer a choice of prescription hcg ( sublingual tablets taken once per day for those who prefer pharmacy meds) or homeopathic hcg ( sublingual drops taken three times per day for those who prefer a more holistic kind of health care).

For Homeopathic Drops:

One Round        $400.00

Two Rounds      $575.00

Three Rounds    $750.00

Just Drops          $125.00

For Prescription HCG:

One Round        $475.00

Two Rounds      $700.00

Three Rounds    $925.00

Once you have been our client, we offer Graduate Rounds for any future weight loss needs at even greater savings.  For most clients lab work is unnecessary.

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