7e Fit Spa

works great in conjunction with your Pounds and Inches Away Program!  While exercise is not encouraged on the HCG protocol, Relaxercize is both allowable and beneficial.  Call 317-776-8995 for more information about Torcing, about infrared sauna, or about franchise opportunities.   7e Fit Spa Website Link Click Here.

Torcing is the new way to exercise!  You can target the muscle groups you are most interested in and do it in 30 minutes while lying on a massage table.  Our experienced torc technicians will apply our FDA approved technology using a patented wavelength that will contract and relax your  muscles at an intensity you can determine to meet your fitness goals.  Torcing will relax and contract your muscles 150 times per minute.  You won’t realize that while its happening, but your muscles WILL! Torcing is proven to be 150 times more effective than common methods of exercise.  It is effortless, effective, and FUN!  In addition to a regular exercise program or used as a way to exercise if traditional methods are not appropriate for you, torcing is the way to go!!


You can tone your tummy or buff your butt!  You can develop your arms and legs, strengthen your back and get to areas that traditional exercise may miss.  You will lose inches immediately and feel the power of your workout the next day as your muscles let you know how hard they worked!!  Bring a book if you like.

And after you’ve torced, try out the sauna.  Infrared sauna burns 400-800 calories in 30 minutes, detoxifies the body and leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.  Relaxercize with us today! You won’t know you worked out until tomorrow.

7e Fit Spa also offers infrared sauna, facials, micro-dermabrasion, ultrasonic peels, anti-aging, nutritional supplements, eyebrow and eyelash tinting and so much more!





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